[ About Me ]

It’s not failure, it’s unfinished success


I'm in most social platforms and Linkedin is one of them. every time I start a project I share it on Linkedin and gather feedbacks.


I have kind of addiction to Instagram. You always can direct me. I do my best to reply you in less than an hour.


My Youtube channel is a place to share my experience and also my interests in design and programming world.

[ My story ]

I remember my first computer clearly. I had it when I was just 11, which means 18 years ago.  I know for most European countries and the America, having a computer at 2000 was common. For me it was special, because I lived in a small city of a third-world country and few people had this chance to have a computer. from the very beginning instead of playing with my PC, I absorbed by Q-Basic programming language. Despite I was child, I tried to figure out how the language works. I failed 🙁 . many years later, I discovered a pdf book, named “HTML 4 in 24 Hours”. that book was the start point in my adventures. 

In my entire life, I know what I want to be. I had dreams about becoming a computer specialist. So I decided to study computer science in university. The problem was that in my country there is an university entrance exam every year and you have to compete with more than a million pupil to gain a seat in a good university. I failed again 🙁 . So instead of computer science I started to study in material science, If you are already confused, I have to say although my score in the entrance exam was not good for computer science (4600 among 1.2M pupil), it was enough for studying material science.

You already know parts of my story. I tried hard to follow my passions although I didn’t had a chance to have a good teacher or guide. That is why I always try to be a good teacher and help people like me to understand web techs in the righteous way. 

[ what i do now ]

I almost do any thing with my computer, from designing to coding and gaming. I’m perfectionist and I enjoy to put life into my imagines although some of them are far from to be perfect. Also I’m a huge fan of Dota Allstars and I play it in my free times. don’t ask me what is my account name in RGC; No way to answer that 🙂

I’m working as a freelancer for now and also, teaching on-line. If you are interested in web design, you can check my Udemy course. I do the following things as a freelancer:

  • Web Designing [ Figma, Inkscape, Front-end Web Languages ]
  • Web Developing [ WordPress, NodeJS ]
  • 3D Design [ Blender, Sketchup ]
  • Teaching On-line [ HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, WordPress, Blender, Sketchup, Figma, ... ]

Create Your own Design

[ where I am ]

I was born in Iran and live there for 28 years. In January 2018, I moved to Georgia. As I type this text, I just lie down on a carpet at my home in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. If you are in Tbilisi and want to see me, feel free to send me a message. Of course as I just moved here, don’t expect me to speak in Kartuli 😉 .

You can also send me an e-mail via the form bellow. 

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